A message regarding the Covid 19 coronavirus.

Our thoughts, hearts and prayers go out to all of those affected by the Coronavirus.  We are all in this together and individually must do everything we can to stop the spread of this fast moving disease and curtail its affects on our communities.  The Club has enhanced and adjusted its daily operations to fight this extraordinary event.
The Pagosa Springs Golf Club’s official opening day is April 15th.  The snow is melting fast and the turf is beginning to green up, weather dependent we may open earlier.
The Club is committed to being a leader in the golf community by maintaining a “safer” outdoor place to recreate for our guest and a healthy workplace for our staff.  We are monitoring the ongoing COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak and have implemented additional practices on the property according to the CDC, state, local and health agency guidelines, The New Normal.
We realize that the nature of our business is small groups of golfers, playing in an outdoor setting, across hundreds of acres, this greatly minimizes exposure and daily play golf isn’t a large-group, close-proximity event or sport. 
Despite the negligible chance for exposure, we will be taking additional precautions throughout the property such as:
  • wearing gloves & masks were needed.
  • increased hand washing & hand sanitizer use.
  • wiping down & disinfecting various surfaces, door handles & high touch areas.
  • continue washing all carts after each round & disinfecting high touch areas.
  • continue our stringent bar, kitchen & restaurant cleaning & increase disinfecting high touch areas.
  • moving to single serve condiments, cups, etc. in our restaurant.
  • temporarily moving to plastic bag ice coolers to hold drinks from the clubhouse.
  • temporarily removing ball washers from the course due to their high touch areas.
  • spacing range mats 6+ feet apart.
  • cleaning range balls with soap & water after each use.
  • as our golfers know we removed on-course water jugs from our course several years ago due to their high-touch points and ease of contamination even after the club spent 20-minutes cleaning & disinfecting the jugs.
  • we have removed our water fountain in the clubhouse to help prevent the inadvertent spread of the virus.
  • our on-course restrooms will be closed initially until we can better understand the impact of the  virus, we cannot control who enters those facilities form surrounding areas.  We are seeking alternatives such as coded locks.
Additional Extraordinary Golf Procedures We Are Implementing Temporarily (will adjust as needed):
  • providing each golfer their own cart, unless you choose to ride with a person you know.
  • single use of golf cart (will be adjusted as needed). 
  • increased separation of tee times.
  • beginning the season with limited hours of operation.
  • asking you purchase tee times on line to minimize payment handling.
Golf Club Course Operator Suggestions To Help Stop Spread Of The Virus:
  • do not bring outside food, beverage, alcohol*, coolers or containers onto the property.
  • practice increased hand washing & bring, carry and use hand sanitizer.
  • practice social distancing & stay at least 6+ feet from your golf partner(s).
  • putt with the flagstick in to prevent touching the stick.
  • forego picking up and tossing your golf partner’s ball back to them.
  • forego the handshake at the end of the round.
  • forego picking up your partner’s golf clubs & handing it to them.
  • use bunker rakes with your gloved hand only.
  • dispose of the restaurant/bar food wrappers, containers & cups in the on-course trashcans.
  • *keep in mind that it is illegal to bring outside alcohol onto the property.
If you are sick or have flu like symptoms please do not come to the property, instead seek medical attention immediately.  Please do not be offended if we ask you if you are sick or ask you to return outside food, beverage products and containers to your vehicle, we are simply looking out for you, our other guest’s and staff’s health and safety.  Please see about us regarding additional information about property access & use.  It is extremely important that you make sole choices based on your level of comfort during this time and if you do not feel comfortable in accessing the property or playing golf on the same course as others then please make the choice with which you are comfortable.
At this time, before we open, we are not taking face-to-face meetings at the club.  If you need to speak or communicate with us or purchase a membership please call or e-mail us.  Check our web site to keep up-to-date on club operations.
We appreciate the trust that you place in the Pagosa Springs Golf Club. We will continue to closely monitor the situation and take actions necessary to help keep our guests and employees safe while providing the products and services you depend on from us.
updated 4.20.20