Operational Procedures – During Covid 19

Covid 19 is creating extraordinary necessities to keep the game of golf available to play here in Pagosa.  Operational necessities requiring additional cleaning & sanitization are in place.  The “Normal” on-course golf amenities have been removed from the course.  The Pagosa Springs Golf Club is taking unprecedented measures to make the game of golf at our facility “safer” during these difficult times.

Our staff is following the health guidelines recommended by the various government agencies.  Additionally, we have chosen to implement Park & Play, a program recommended by the National Golf Club Owner’s Association, adhering to guidelines recommended by the CDC and approved by the Infectious Diseases Society Of America.  Please read all documents pertaining to property access, Park & Play and Operational Procedures.

Our Goal is to remain open to provide the outdoor recreational sport of golf to our community.

Why Play Golf During These Times?

  1. Golf is played outside, in foursomes, this could be safer by nature
  2. Recreational opportunity
  3. Various Agencies are recommending or mandating non-crowded outdoor activities
  4. Great individual recreational opportunity during these times
  5. Individual ability to practice the health guidelines outlined by the agencies
  6. Golf is an inherent Social Distancing sport
  7. 1 golfer 1 cart available for each golfer, see Park & Play regarding this
  8. Golfer Practice the Latest Recommended Social Distancing separation
  9. Set Tee Time Spacing

Additional Measures Our Staff Is Taking

  1. Wearing gloves & masks where needed
  2. Increasing hand washing & sanitizing
  3. Wiping down & disinfecting various surfaces & door handles
  4. Washing down carts after each use and cleaning touch-points with soap & water
  5. Enhanced cleaning & sanitization measures in CLOSED bar, kitchen, restaurant
  6. Enhanced cleaning & sanitization measure throughout operations
  7. Practicing Social Distancing with guests & staff:  please do not be offended if we back up or stand away as you approach
  8. Using single serve food & beverage items
  9. Implementing food & beverage To Go Menu

Temporary Operating Procedures – will adjust as recommendations change

  1. Implemented Park & Play: see Park & Play Procedures for additional information, approved by NGCOA & infectious disease doctor approved organization
  2. Implemented These Covid 19 Operational Procedures:  in response to recommended Federal, State, Local, Health, Other Organizations, Agencies and OUR own stricter guidelines
  3. Implemented Golfer Guidelines For Golfing:  for a safer outdoor experience
  4. Removed Non-Essential Items & Amenities: ball washers; ball towels: flag sticks – traditional but with a foam insert, the ball will go slightly into the hole and can be retrieved with your putter, without touching the flagstick or using your hands; on-course water jugs (removed 3-years ago for this very reason); cart coolers; cart sand bottles; scorecards; pencils; bunker rakes; hazard markers; on-course trash cans; clubhouse benches & tables; range bag stands; clubhouse water fountain
  5. Removed Non-Essential Staff-Touched Items:  so our staff would not have to touch as they would during normal golf operations and setting up course for play
  6. Suspended Clubhouse Staff & Golfer Interaction:  club cleaning, bag loading, bag unloading, cart delivery, cart pick-up
  7. Closed:  On Course Restrooms
  8. Closed:  Clubhouse
  9. Closed:  Pro-Shop
  10. Closed:  Jake’s Grill
  11. Closed:  7530′ Grill (dine-in restaurant-bar)
  12. Closed:  On-Course Beverage cart(s)
  13. Opened Outside Touchless Check-In Process:  check in outside, with 1 staff member
  14. Implemented Online Booking & Pay Only:  no walk-ins at this time
  15. Opening 7530′ Grill To Go Orders:  for golfers on course & general To Go Orders
  16. Tournaments: we are developing plans for our tournaments that will include social distancing, non-grouping and other procedures as defined herein  – please keep supporting them as they engage in helping various non-profits that are so vital at this time
  17. We Do Not Allow: outside food, drink, their containers; coolers or alcohol
  19. Suspended:  golf club bag storage
  20. Suspended:  locker use
  21. Suspended:  bag loading onto carts
  22. Suspended:  golf club cleaning at end of round
  23. Suspended:  bag removal at end of round
  24. Suspended Lost & Found:  we will not keep & store lost items
  25. Suspended Public Practice Green:  open only to golfers with tee times in next 15 minutes
  26. Eliminating Or Limiting: maintenance & guest interaction, please do not be offended
  27. Limiting Staff Interaction:  dramatically limited customer facing staff
  28. Clubhouse Restrooms Will Be Open
  29. CLOSED AT THIS TIME STARTING 4.08.20 – Range:  when open will space range mats 6+ feet apart & clean range balls with soap & water, range balls are bucketed & do not need to be individually touched by golfer
  30. Limiting & Spreading Out Of Tee Times:  to 15 minutes apart, normally 8 minutes
  31. Tee Time Reduction:  cut to 19% of total capacity
  32. Tee Times Per Hour Reduction:  to 16 individual, cut to 19% of hourly capacity
  33. Tee Time Hours of Operation Reduction:  cut to 4 hours per open day
  34. Days Of Operation:  cut to 5 days per week
  35. Temporary Staff Reduction:  helps with social distancing
  36. Implemented Cart Staging:  carts are spacing staged
  37. Implemented Touchless Key Operation:  keys are permanently attached to carts and keys no longer have to be handled by golfer & staff
  38. Limited Hours Of Operation:  change as needed
  39. Limited Days Of Operation:  change as needed
  40. Implemented Food To Go Menu For Golfers: premade, pre-packaged, individually sealed
  41. Implemented Single Serve Beverage & Alcohol To Go Menu:  individually sealed
  42. Suspended Fountain Drink Operation:  planned for 2020, on hold at this time
  43. Suspended Draft Beer Operation:  suspended & have moved to canned beer only
  44. Suspended Bar Soda Gun Operation:  suspended operation at this time
  45. Touchless Merchandise Options:  balls, gloves & tees available upon request, no open retail stock or displays that can be handled, examined, touched or contaminated

We each play a part in creating a safer environment in which to recreate, please do your part to help.  Also, read and understand your responsibilities & agreements listed on this web site before accessing the property.

Please take the various government agency’s guidelines and warnings seriously and help us fight and stop this virus.  It is your sole choice to come to the property and/or golf, if you do not feel comfortable doing so please make your decision based solely on that.

If you feel sick, have a fever or flu-like symptoms  please do not come to the property.  If sick and you are on property, please leave immediately and seek medical attention.

These procedures will be adjusted as needed.

Thank you for your understanding during these times.