Park & Play – During Covid 19

We are implementing Park & Play, a program recommended by the National Golf Club Owner’s Association adhering to guidelines recommended by the CDC and approved by the Infectious Diseases Society Of America.  Our Operational Procedures Page explains where we have adjusted local rules & playing guidelines at this time.  Please read all documents pertaining to property access, Park & Play and Operational Procedures.

Park & Play

  1. Pre-Book & Pre-Pay tee times online only
  2. Park, Check In With Starter & Take Bag To Assigned Cart

Playing The Round – adjusted playing guidelines & local rules

  1. Expect 4 Hour 10 Minute Rounds with Tee Times Every 15 Minutes as a typical foursome while practicing Social Distancing
  2. 1 Golfer 1 Cart (unless you live in same household and you and the other golfer soley choose to ride together and each know the other individual is virus free)
  3. Keep Social Distancing – from other golfers at all times
  4. Practice Green – no more than 6 golfers at any one time on practice green
  5. Bunker Play – lift, place & hit from bunker
  6. Flag Sticks – traditional but with a foam insert, the ball will go slightly into the hole and can be retrieved with your putter, do not touch flagstick or lift ball with your hands
  7. Forego Golf Courtesies – touching other’s club, ball, gear & handshakes
  8. Wash Hands, Bring Sanitizer & Use during round
  9. Keep Proper Distance – don’t hit into, push and keep proper distance from group ahead
  10. Masks, Face Coverings – SJPHB are State Of CO are recommending wearing your self-provided Face Coverings/Masks, see respective Web Sites

Please Help Us Out – So our staff does not have to handle refuse from carts

  1. Trash – Trash cans are provided at the clubhouse turn, please dispose of your trash there

Food & Beverage

  1. No outside food, drink, drink containers or coolers allowed
  2. Available To Go Items: Sandwiches, chips, nutrition bars, snacks, sodas, sport drinks, water, other drinks, beer, seltzers, liquor & wine.

No Outside Alcohol Allowed

  1. Colorado Law Nor PSGC allows outside alcohol onto the property, leave it in your vehicle or we will confiscate it and dispose of it for you.

Restroom Options

  1. Clubhouse restrooms open, restrooms on course not open at this time

Please note that Club Credit, Rain Checks or Punch Cards are not being accepted at this time.

We each play a part in creating a safer environment in which to recreate, please do your part to help.  Also, read and understand your responsibilities & agreements listed on this web site before accessing the property.

Please take the various government agency’s guidelines and warnings seriously and help us fight and stop this virus.  It is your sole choice to come to the property and/or golf, if you do not feel comfortable doing so please make your decision based solely on that.

If you feel sick, have a fever or flu-like symptoms  please do not come to the property.  If sick and you are on property, please leave immediately and seek medical attention.

These procedures will be adjusted as needed.

Thank you for your understanding during these times.