The Foxes Are Still Out and So Are We!

How many of you have had one of these guys take your ball?

Monster Golf:

Monster golf is next weekend, Saturday the 27th @ 12pm noon. With scary hole placements, decorated greens and costumes, this is a 9 hole tournament you will not want to miss.

$45 per player – $35 per player w/ costume  – $35 per member

Call the Pro Shop to sign up today!


Pro Shop Sale:

Starting October 22nd, many items in the pro shop will be on sale!

20% OFF Bags, Putters & Shoes!

30% OFF Clothing (Outerwear, Tops, Bottoms, Socks)!

Adidas Shorts, Skorts & Skirts are 50% OFF!



Under the new 2019 Rules, what will be the penalty for accidentally hitting your ball that is in motion?

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