Property Access And Use

The Legal Stuff For Accessing Or Using The Property, Sad We Have To Publish This

  1. The property on which the Pagosa Springs Golf Club is operated is private property and may only be accessed and utilized by paying the appropriate fee(s) to the property owner or its agents for the activity undertaken.  Access is only granted by the legal property owner or its authorized agent.  Access, activity, use or other without the written authorization and the payment of the appropriate fee(s) is considered trespassing and theft of product and is strictly prohibited.  Trespassing and theft is subject to fine, arrest and prosecution.
  2. Property boundaries are noted by the legally registered documents and includes the entire real and improved property, lakes, paths, native areas, etc.  All businesses or uses within those boundaries are at the sole discretion of the property owner.  It is your sole responsibility to know the legally recorded boundaries.
  3. Activities, uses or other may or may not be listed on this website and is at the sole discretion of the property owner and its agent as to whether the access or activities and their associated fees are listed, you must pay the appropriate fees to access or use the property for any purpose.
  4. Removal, alteration, building, changing, or other of any real or personal property, rocks, minerals, turf, trees, landscaping, paths, improvements or anything attached or not attached to or from the property is considered theft and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
  5. You may reach the management at 970.731.4755, if you can not reach the management do not assume you may access the property as the restrictions and prohibited sections above remain intact.