Mountain golf is some of the most spectacular golf the country has to offer.  The prisitine mountain views backdrop manicured golf course fairways and greens, run throgh Ponderosa Pine forests and surrounded by lakes.

Please note that weather in Pagosa is not predictable and forecasts are not necessarily accurate.  Due to our 7500′ elevation, topography and geographic location, predicted weather can be inaccurate at best.  The local saying is wait a few minutes and the weather will change.  Example would be a 100% rain forecast means that there is a 100% chance of getting rain in the area but it does not mean that it will rain the entire day.  Showers can last 45 minutes then be sunny on either side of the storm.

Even though we get a lot of weather questions we are not weather forecasters.  Just like any mountain outdoor activity you need to be aware of your surroundings at all times and take appropriate action to protect yourself.  We do not make any claim regarding weather conditions on the day you are booked to play.

Our rain check policy is in affect if showers last longer than 45 minutes and socks in or if we decide to close the course due to weather.  If you are golfing or have a tee time then the golf course may issue a rain check for the unplayed holes.

Please note that you are solely responsible for deciding to play or not and you need to play in weather that is comfortable to your comfort level.  We make no guarantees of weather conditions, notifications about weather when you are on the property or your safety regarding weather while on the property.