March thoughts from Pagosa Springs Golf Club

As we begin getting ready for this upcoming golf season, many of us here in the snowy mountains have had a little time off from the game of golf including me. So I wanted to take a little of your time to share a little tip that gets me going after a few months off from golf. First is what I like to not just teach but preach is taking your game and learning to play from the Greenback to the Tee. What I mean is I see so many people come out of the winter and all they want to do is pull out their Driver and start swinging away. That is nice and all especially if you got a new Driver for the Holidays. But remember your touch and feel around the greens are always where you are going to shave strokes off your game. So when coming out make sure to hit the short irons and wedges first to get the feel on how far the ball is going and not to create bad habits, as many of you know once we start some of those habits we have a hard time getting out of them. So take your time hit some range balls and I encourage you to come out and get kinks out of the swing as we head into a great 2020 golf season. Hit high and let them fly.